Project: Instant Accident Reporting and Crowdsensed Road Condition Analytics for Smart Cities*^

Contributors: Ashkan Yousefpour, Caleb Fung, Tam Nguyen, David Hong, Daniel Zhang

* This project received Honorary Mention in the 2017 IEEE ComSoc Student Competition “Communications Technology Changing the World”.

^ Appeared in the news! CS @ UTD and The Mercury.


This page contains information about a proposed technology by the authors, which consists of a device that sits inside of a vehicle and constantly monitors car's information. It can determine speed, g-force, and location. Using these data, the device can detect a car crash (or pothole on the road). The data collected from the car is forwarded to a server for more in-depth analytics. If there is an accident, the server promptly contacts the emergency services and contacts with the location of the crash. The pothole information is used for analytics of road conditions for smart city operators.

Take a loot at the technical report of this project to see diagrams and get more insights about the overall architecture of this project.

The code of this project is open-source and available to everyone!

Need more guidance on how we actually implemented the project? We have provided instructions for different parts of the project and the code on a separate page.